Keratin Treatment

Global Keratin Treatment
Global Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatment/application 300+

A treatment once available only to the rich and famous is now available at Razoux & Co.
Keratin is a key protein in our hair that is responsible for the overall health and strength of our locks.
Unfortunately this essential protein is depleted over time leaving the hairs cuticle exposed and starved
for moisture thus making your hair vulnerable to frizz and unwanted texture that makes your hair
dull and unmanageable especially in the humid weather.

Today we have the ability to smooth, enrich, and add control to difficult texture and frizz by re-installing
the live viable protein deep with in the core of our hair.  For anyone and any hair type that would like to
benefit from a quick easy blow dry and styling that is silky, shiny, and smooth.

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